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No problem - it's easy to renew your MBCA Membership (or to join the club!)

The Fort Worth Section works very hard to make sure you are proud to be a member of our club.  We have a variety of fun, well-organized, automobile-related activities throughout the year to suit your varied interests, so that you can enjoy your Mercedes-Benz even more.  Members who attend our activities not only enjoy the events, but also enjoy each other's company.  Check out this web site's
Event Calendar and Prior Events pages, so you can see what it is we do.  See below for the benefits of membership.

Not a member?  Join us now!  Call (800) 637-2360 during business hours (see below), to become a member on the spot.  Please specify Fort Worth as your section of preference.  You may also join online by visiting www.mbca.org, or CLICK for application form to join by mail.  Dues are $55 for 1 year, $107 for 2 years, and $157 for 3 years. 

MBCA club dues will increase by $10 beginning July 1, 2023.  Until that time, you may renew at the current rates of $55 for 1 year, $107 for 2 years, and $157 for 3 years.  Effective July 1, the rates will be $65, $117 and $167, respectively.  Renew now to beat this price increase. As an additional incentive, you will receive one free month of membership if you renew for two years, and two free months if you renew for three years. You would need to renew at the current rates, or before July 1, to get these incentives.  You lose nothing if you renew early. 

Renewing member?  Below are 3 easy ways to renew. Membership dues are $55 for 1 year, $107 for 2 years, or $157 for 3 years until June 30,2023.

     1) Call the MBCA National Business Office.  Call (800) 637-2360.  Have your credit card ready.  Business hours are 8-4 Mountain Time, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

     2) Renew by mail.  Click for renewal form.  Print, then complete.  Send with your payment to MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909.  Please make check payable to MBCA. 

     3) Renew online using MBCA's national web site, www.mbca.org.  You will be asked to log on with your MBCA member number and password.  Establish an account online if you do not already have one.  Please have your credit card ready.

Benefits!  In addition to fun Fort Worth Section activities, your membership affords you numerous benefits.  These include:

             - Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Rebate Program (CLICK for details)             
             -10% off Parts & Service from Park Place Motorcars
               and Mercedes-Benz of Grapevine
             -15% off parts from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine
             - 5% off classic car insurance from Hagerty
             - The Star magazine subscription (and free classified ads)
             - Section events (attend ANY MBCA event)                   
             - National events and conventions
             - Technical and restoration advice
             - Club Store merchandise
             - Raffle ... and much more!