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About Fort Worth Section 

MBCA, Fort Worth Section:

Fort Worth, TX 76116

(817) 732-8773


MBCA National Business Office:

Mercedes-Benz Club of America

110 Boulder Crescent St, Suite 200
Colorado Springs CO 80903

(719) 633-6427

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DJ de Jesus
(817) 732-8773


Vice President:

Ernest Borroel
(817) 733-4211



Chris Watt
(972) 839-0390 


Cecile de Jesus
(817) 732-8773





Tom Jobe
(817) 776-6461


Melissa Martinez
(505) 270-4627



Mark Tirschler
(817) 691-6712



Teresa Watt
(972) 393-1898



MBCA, Fort Worth Section Profile

Area Served

Fort Worth, TX and Environs

Year Founded


Number of Members

  app 500

Founded in 1986, Fort Worth Section serves the northern Texas area roughly west of the county line which separates Tarrant and Dallas Counties. The western part or what is locally called The Metroplex is anchored by the city of Fort Worth, 16th largest in the United States. Fort Worth Section is proud to be part of the community it serves, and endeavors whenever possible to provide its members with activities to enjoy what the Greater Fort Worth area, and the State of Texas, have to offer. The section also maintains mutually-beneficial relationships with the 3 Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the area.

Fort Worth Section hosts at least one event per month, ranging from touring events, Texas history-themed activities and socials, to car shows, rallies, autocrosses and performance driving sessions on the race track. This variety of events targets the different individual interests its members may have. It also meets once a month at the Park Place Fort Worth Mercedes-Benz dealership to discuss section business. Fun-loving Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts run the chapter and communicate with members via a quarterly newsletter, the section web site and Facebook page, e-mail, hardcopy mail, section meetings and event gatherings.

The section is very active and lively, and has grown to become one of the largest MBCA sections in the US and Canada. The goals of our section are to have fun, enjoy our Mercedes-Benz automobiles, learn about our cars, and share the camaraderie of like-minded members.